Lily Swain

Ice Fishing, acrylic on panel, 2014. SOLD

Ice Fishing, acrylic on panel, 2014. SOLD

Teaching, Mixed Media and Murals:

Lily Swain is an interdisciplinary artist, art teacher and co-founder of Carriageway Studios. In 2006 Lily graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC. Here, she worked with a variety of media including; painting, drawing, installation art, sculpture, wall painting and murals.

Lily went on to work and travel internationally, developing a greater sense of the world and her artwork. Her passion for collaboration and working with people motivated her to earn a Bachelor of Education specializing in Fine Art from York University in Toronto, ON, where she graduated in 2012. Teaching is a natural extension of Lily’s artistic process and she values the exchange of energy and ideas, which happens between student and teacher. Lily believes art can be used as a valuable tool for profound self-discovery and allows for creative ways of problem solving and critical thinking. Art creates a common ground, which unifies communities and creates opportunity for growth and expression at a critical time when our world is facing new and complex challenges.

Recent Work:

Lily’s recent body of art work focuses on using mixed media techniques. This approach gives her the freedom to experiment and incorporate her love for painting, drawing, collage and photo transfers into a single piece. Mural and wall paintings have been a way for Lily to expand her creativity by merging her art with architecture. She loves to play with the idea of melding art with everyday life and asking the question; where a painting begins and if ever, does it end?

Her work is inspired by themes of personal and cultural identity, forms found in nature and by the natural beauty of the countryside where she lives. She works with composition, balance and colour and applies layers of texture, imagery and pattern to create depth on a two dimensional surface. Lily integrates borrowed imagery and motifs from the history of the decorative arts, graphic design and illustration, creating new forms of traditional styles and methods. There is play in her work between loose brushstrokes, precariously balanced with sharp edge lines. Equally abstract and concrete ideas are expressed, a representation of both intuitive and analytical thought. Lily strives to create visual narratives using charcoal, pastel, paint, thread, paper, photographs, wood and canvas.

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Remembering (detail), Mixed Media, 2015. SOLD

Remembering (detail), Mixed Media, 2015. SOLD